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About Virgil Renzulli

Virgil Renzulli was born to a working class family in Philadelphia. He produced his first novel, actually more of a comic book, at age 9. Entitled “The Long Ranger,” it was based on the TV series “The Lone Ranger, but the word “lone” was not in his vocabulary at the time. Plus he was not much of a speller back then. A second book (there was only one copy of each ever produced), “Strong Mouse” was loosely modeled on the cartoon character “Mighty Mouse.” The works he produced later were far more original.

Somewhat dyslexic and more than a little ADD, Renzulli was a poor high school student who shocked all his teachers by not only getting into college but being admitted to an Ivy League school, the University of Pennsylvania, where he earned a BA in Political Science. He did post-graduate work in marketing at the Wharton Graduate School of Business, documentary filmmaking at Temple University and novel writing at New York University.

The first job that paid him for writing was at a weekly newspaper in suburban Philadelphia. He went on to become a reporter and editor at several weekly and daily newspapers in New Jersey and Pennsylvania. In 1980, Renzulli went into media relations and later became, in succession, director of the University of Pennsylvania News Bureau, assistant vice president for public affairs at New York University, associate vice president for public affairs at Columbia University, and vice president for public affairs at Arizona State University (ASU). He is currently professor of practice, strategic communications, at the Walter Cronkite School of Journalism and Mass Communication and senior advisor to ASU’s president. 

Throughout his career, Renzulli periodically returned to fiction writing but was always beaten back by the world of literary agents and publishers who return manuscripts unread. In hindsight, he says, he wasn’t ready. In January 2013, acclaimed novelist Jewell Parker Rhodes, director of the Virginia G. Piper Center for Creative Writing, took him under her wing and “light bulbs began to go off.” Before the year was out, he was offered a contract by Bagwyn Books and “Caliburn: Merlin’s Tale” was published in January 2015.

Since then, Renzulli has published two additional Arthurian novels, “Gods in the Mist,” in October 2015 and “Hero, Legend, Myth,” in January 2017.


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