Hero, Legend, Myth

One of the most innovative and entertaining Arthurian stories, telling King Arthur's tale in 3 universes - some more magical than others.

Was Arthur real? Was Merlin? If so, who were they and when did they live? Was their world one where magic and otherworldly beings were considered part of everyday life? And were they extraordinary beings or common people who did things that appeared extraordinary?

Hero, Legend, Myth winds through all the possibilities.

Gods in the Mist

Merlin's powers are on the wane.  Arthur's estranged half-sister Morgan le Fay launches a conspiracy against him, a plot focused on pursuit of the Holy Grail and involving their son Mordred and Arthur’s best knight, Lancelot.  

With threats from inside the kingdom and from abroad, Knights of the Round Table begin to disappear.

The one man who might solve the mystery of the Grail, Sir Gawain, is lost at sea on a journey to strange lands and other worlds.

Caliburn: Merlin's Tale

Despite years of grooming by Merlin, when Arthur’s time came he was unwilling.  The result: a young knight is disgraced and Dark Age Britain edges toward chaos while under attack from a ruthless and cunning warlord.

Some thought the old man a specter; at times he represented himself as none other than the Wizard Merlin. Whoever he was, he told a story about Arthur that no one had heard before, a tale of victory and disgrace, love and treachery, arrogance and destiny. It was a time of great turmoil in Britain. A ruthless Saxon warlord was planning to invade. The Norsemen continued their coastal raids. The Picts of north Britain were growing bolder. And the British were not unified. Merlin had groomed young Arthur to deal with threats such as these, but neither master nor pupil was prepared for what they encountered at the annual tournament in Londinium, a beautiful, dark-haired girl named Brenna.

“A stylish, thrilling retelling of Arthurian myth.  Readers will be captivated by Renzulli's imaginative tale."

- Dr. Jewell Parker Rhodes, Award-Winning Novelist
Founding Artistic Director, Virginia G. Piper Center for Creative Writing



A former journalist and media relations professional, Professor Renzulli teaches advanced strategic communications at the Walter Cronkite School of Journalism. Learn more about Virgil